624 Productions' Artistic Director Tom Baldinger Talks About "Who's Jenna...?" and "The Midlifers" on Chillin' with Jeff & Kenny C

Mar 30, 2015

624 Productions' Thomas Baldinger joined Kenny Cummings, the host of Chillin with Jeff & Kenny C. Tom gives us a glimpse at the upcoming feature film "Who's Jenna...?", which is to be released this fall.


Tom also discusses which scenes in the the movie stem from some of his real-life experiences and addresses if the real Jenna Jameson will make a cameo appearance in the movie.


Find out which cast and crew make 624 Productions possible in this interview. LISTEN HERE if you missed it on live on air!

New Movie “Who's Jenna...?” to be filmed in New Jersey

Feb 6, 2015

NEW JERSEY – (February 2015) - Jenna Jameson is the adult film actress...but this is something a little different!  Who’s Jenna...? is a brand new comedy written by award winning producer/director Tom Baldinger of New Jersey based 624 Productions, LLC. 


Recently, 624 Productions joined forces with a New Jersey film and distribution house, A New Vision Film, to produce "Who’s Jenna...?" as a feature film. Production has already started and filming will continue through the Spring of 2015, primarily in New Jersey. In December, they wrapped on a specific clip in Jersey City.


"Who’s Jenna...?" is backed by film and hotel investors Anthony Gude and Steven Schlatmann. Gude and Schlatmann had also invested in "Tagore: The Burnt Offerings", local film "Weathered Storms", and sponsored the Golden Door Film Festival of Jersey City.  A New Vision Film believes that there is a great filmmaking movement within Jersey City and throughout the state.

“Despite slim investment incentives by the state or county, it is critical to put money behind smart cinematic minds,” says Gude. 

“[We are] proud to back Tom Baldinger and his amazing team. The very reason we invest is to see creativity at work and stimulate like-minded individuals that reflect the ambition of those around us,” continues Schlatmann.

Baldinger adds, "Not to sound cliché, but this is exactly what I dreamed about.  Fortunately, the success of our first project, "Two Sides of Love", which was shot beautifully by Jeff Seesselberg, who is the Director of Photography on this project, really opened doors for us and allowed us to partner with such a great company like New Vision Films, as well as obtain some amazing actors like Bill (Sorvino), Tracey (Birdsall), Joe (D’Onofrio) and Garry (Pastore)."


The film is set to be released in Fall 2015.




The premise for the film is the lead character, Jonathan Burke, a highly successful financial advisor, falling for Jenna Casey, an inspiring lawyer the minute he lays eyes on her. Unfortunately for Jonathan, his best friend, (Andy Roma), thinks she looks exactly like the adult film star, Jenna Jameson, and is on a mission to prove it.  Not only does Jonathan have to deal with his best friend’s nonsense and obsession with adult films, but he also has to juggle a difficult working relationship with his boss at the firm, who is also Jenna's brother in-law.


Filled with spicy humor that plays on the sometimes all-too-true conversation between men, "Who’s Jenna...?" is poised to pick up awards across the board for its dialogue, as well as its star-studded screenplay, and stellar soundtrack.




Already slated for the starring role is actress Tracey Birdsall, (The Young and the Restless, Loving, Family Ties, Tick Tock), a virtual doppelganger for the Jenna Jameson look-alike lead. 


Accompanying Birdsall is Actor Bill Sorvino (The Trouble with Cali, Night Club) who will be playing the lead role of Jonathan Burke.


Well-known actor Joe D’Onofrio (A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas) plays Jonathan’s best friend, Andy Roma.


The talented Garry Pastore (The Sopranos, A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas)  plays a no-nonsense, demanding CEO. 


John Carlino (Fenced In, Rockaway, Super Troopers), Jeremy Gilbert (On Empty, Hawaii Five-0, Last Resort), Jen Jacob (Girls) and Oscar Best (Angel Heart, Sympathy for Delicious, The Mentalist) will also be starring alongside of these actors.



Equally alluring is the soundtrack coming together for the comedy. The song, “What Kind of Man Could Stop From Lovin’ You” is played in the soon to be released feature film segment, and is by Slim Chance and the Gamblers.


Slim Chance and the Gamblers will be featuring some more of their sexy, raw blues music on the soundtrack. SVB formerly under 5 time Grammy winner Kuk Harrell’s label, Suga Wuga Music, takes center stage with a song, and Brooklyn bred, solo artist Jesse Ruben pumps up the volume with his musical talent, as well.


The sexy siren Savannah Van takes charge with lead vocals as the instrumental Ronnie Manaog keeps the beat on drums, guitarist Alex Strahle wails the melody, and Matt Kwa’s bass keeps tune.


Singer, songwriter, and guitar player Jesse Ruben will lock in some lyrics and songs that complement the scenes.



Tom Baldinger (Producer, Writer, Director)

Tom Baldinger heads up 624 Productions, LLC.  He has acted in, written, and produced many plays in the New Jersey area over the last few decades.  Baldinger has just walked off of a film festival tour with his first short film, Two Sides of Love, picking up multiple awards for Best Home Grown Short Film at the Garden State Film Festival, Best Art Direction at the AOF International Film Festival, and Best Director at the Jersey Shore Short Film Festival, including actor Kevin Carr’s win for Best Actor. 


Anthony Gude and Steven Schlatmann (Investors)

Anthony Gude and Steven Schlatmann are two technology entrepreneurs best known for their success with Adoba Eco Hotel and Suites as the Nationwide hotel brand’s first venture investors. They are hotel and film investors, as well as three time nominees for Forbes 30 under 30.  Gude and Schlatmann have invested in the films "Tagore: The Burnt Offerings" and "Weathered Storms", crediting their first investment film to the mentorship of the famed director and founder of cell phone cinema, Karl Bardosh.



Press Contact:  Laura Madsen 


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