David Larino hasn't had a successful acting job since his hit sit-com "Average Alien" 20 years ago.  What lengths will he go to get himself back into the industry and be a star again?


David Larino is an actor who hasn't had a successful job since his hit sit-com "Average Alien" twenty years ago.  Now David can't even get an audition, and recently lost his bartending job.  He is broke and at the end of his rope.  He decides to tempt fate with the help of his manager, LARRY KAUFMAN, and his niece, CHRISTY LARINO.  His plan is to fake being a drug addict, get onto a celebrity rehab show called "Recovering Stars," and revive his career.  In order to test positive for drugs upon entering rehab, Christy cleverly devises a plan to refill her father's prescription of Vicodin, that he had from a recent vasectomy.


After leaving rehab, he lands the role of a lifetime on a new TV drama called "Triple Play," created by one of the most famous TV producers in the industry, MATTHEW BREISS.  It works.  David is realizing his lifetime dream as his guilt sets in about his exploitation of a real disease.  He struggles to sleep and avoids phone calls and texts from fellow rehab alumni who are looking for support. The guilt and lack of sleep eventually drive him into real opioid addiction, and the destruction of his new found fame.  David spirals into a serious heroin addiction and hits bottom.