"Death Trail"


A hitman named Scott attempts to go on the run after his identity is discovered.  It lwads him down a dark path as he's forced to confront his past.  Along the way, he is pitted against old enemies and assassins waiting to take him out.

Cast & Crew

Written & Directed By

Michael Cutrone



Shivantha Wijesinha ... Scott

Ramon Aleman ... Hector

Timothy Weinert ... Kevin

Annie-Sage Whitehurst ... Kate

Catalina De Puerto ... Jamie

Daniel Montesano ... messenger

Tom Maso ... Brad

Scott Roseberry - Dalton



Produced By

624 Productions, LLC. ...  Producer

Michael Cutrone ... Producer

Shivantha Wijesinha ... Producer



Michael Cutrone


Film Editing

Michael Cutrone



Death Trail Trailer

Awards & Nominations

Best Tri-State Film

Best Original Score

Best Lead Actor

Best Action/Adventure Film