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Complimentary — (comp) Ticket Policy:



  • 624 Productions (624) has in place a policy to offer a comp (free) ticket to approved 624 productions and events. These tickets will be issued to cast members, crew members, and other people and/or groups that 624 deem will be in the best interest of the production and/or event.


  • Comp tickets are issued based on the individual production and/or event and can be changed based on the production and/or event.


  • Host Location Information: The host location has final and last decision on the amount of comp tickets available. 624 will make every reasonable attempt to acquire as many comp tickets as possible, however ultimately the specifications of the host location supersede all 624 requests. This will depend on the host location size, accommodations, safety, and what the host location deems to release for comp tickets.


  • Additional Comps: Comp tickets will typically be given to an individual for their own use. At times where and when able to do so, additional comp tickets may be given out to individuals to include a guest and/or friends and family. Again this depends on the amount of tickets released by the host location and the event/production being attended.


  • Individual Usage: Comp tickets once issued are for use only to those the ticket was issued. Should a person issued a comp ticket not be able to attend a specific event/production they are to inform 624 as soon as possible so every effort can be made to account for all comp tickets, and/or return the ticket as soon as possible. 624 will then either reissue that comp to someone else or it will remain unused.


  • Additional Usage: In the event that multiple comp tickets were given out to individuals for guest(s). The person to whom the original ticket was issued should at all costs attend the event with their guest(s). In a case where the guest(s) are attending, and the individual originally issued the comp cannot attend, it is the responsibility of the person originally issued the comp tickets to notify 624 that they are unable to attend and give a list of those who are attending without that individual to 624 so 624 can assure the tickets are valid and not acquired without 624 knowledge or approval.


  • Abuse of Policy: If there is any abuse of the comp ticket policy, or attempts to sell/give away a comp ticket to someone other than whom the original comp ticket was issued, it may result in the person attempting to use the comp ticket to be refused access to the event/production, as well as the person originally issued the comp ticket to forfeit any comp tickets for future 624 productions/events.


  • Event/Production Level Access: There may be times where a 624 event will have multiple layers or tiers to an event. In this situation comp tickets may be issued in the following manner: (1) there will be full comp tickets which will mean access to all of the tiers of the event(s). (2) There will also be tiered comp tickets, where access to only certain tiers of the event(s) will be available. This again will depend on the host location and the amount of comp tickets available to 624. In this case, if a tiered comp ticket is given and that individual would like to attend other tiers, there may be a monetary charge involved to access the other tiers. This cost will be determined by the host location and the average ticket price to the event.


  • Multiple Events: There may be times where multiple events will occur connected to a single project. In this event every reasonable effort will be made to secure comp tickets to all events. However due to the locations of the event and host location requirements, 624 may not be able to accommodate as many people as it would like to. In this situation, if an individual is given a comp ticket to one event it does not guarantee that all subsequent events will have a comp ticket issued. Should this happen, the individual will be given the option of attending other events and purchasing a ticket for the events, (Efforts will be made to discount the ticket price) should comp tickets not be available to that individual for the event. If possible, all efforts will be made to know of all events pertaining to a production in advance. This will allow 624 to know of and inform all parties involved of what comp tickets are available and allow the individual to choose which event(s) they would like to attend and which they would be willing to purchase a ticket for, should comp tickets not be available for all events.


  • Event/Production Staff: For 624 theater/live shows comp tickets will be issued as stated above. What changes here is if the individual is working in or a part of the production, which would mean they would not be able to participate/view the production or use the comp for themselves; in this case the individual will be able to give the comp to a significant other, family member, or friend. The individual would just need to inform 624 of the individual using their comp. This note will also apply to staff working at a 624 event should they not be able to view or participate in the actual event. If an individual working on or involved in any of the above is able to participate or view the event/production all standard comp tickets rules would apply as stated above.


  • Travel to Event/Production: It will up to the individual given the comp ticket to travel to and attend any production/event. Should the individual (and or guests) not be able to attend due to travel restrictions the above note on notifying 624 and returning of the ticket(s) will be applicable.


  • Policy changes/amendments: 624 reserves the right to amend and change this policy at will. Should any changes be made all reasonable attempts will be made to inform anyone to whom this may affect.


  • Final Notes: Again, every attempt will be made by 624 to supply comp tickets where it can to allow the people involved to enjoy the fruits of their work. 624 cannot however guarantee that all people involved in any production/project will receive a comp ticket due to the host location requirements and availability.